"Hooked on Fishing the Golden Gate"

was awarded "Best Outdoor Video"
by the Outdoor Writers of California in 2000!

"Hooked on Fishing the Golden Gate" is the ultimate tool for successful anglers in and around San Francisco Bay. The high-quality two-volume set provides a first-hand view to more than 35 local hot spots, including some known to only a few veteran skippers. These videos are guaranteed to put more fish in the box.

Stripers and Halibut

The action begins on the East Bay flats in early summer where striped bass and halibut follow schools of anchovies and sardines throughout the vast area. Following the direction of one of San Francisco Bay’s most respected skippers, former "New Huck Finn" captain Art Roby, you’ll see exactly what to look for and where; including tides and GPS locations.

By mid-June stripers should be moving onto the main bay rockpiles. Short of playing chicken with tankers, this is easily the most adrenaline pumping activity on the bay. It’s not for everybody, but if you don’t mind one-minute drifts, predictable breezes and close quarters these spots are for you.

Within volume one you’ll learn exactly where, when and how to drift "Arch Rock," "Shag Rock," "Harding Rock," "Blossom Rock" and more. Each location includes visual lineups and bottom contours. You’ll see three different ways to work the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, topped by a sequence of "pumping chrome" on the tower wall.

Outside the Gate

Volume two jumps outside the Gate where it’s possible to land halibut, bass, salmon and rockfish along the San Mateo or Marin coastlines all in the same day. If you’re timing is right, Seal Rocks, located right off San Francisco’s Cliff House, becomes halibut central sometime July. We’ll show when and how to pull fish from this famed location. Best tides and GPS numbers included.

About the same time anchovies start stacking up on local beaches and coastal pockets drawing just about everything that swims, flies and floats into the vicinity. When weather and fish cooperate, fly-lining anchovies off the San Mateo county beaches can provide spectacular recreation. You’ll see stripers and salmon coming over the rail from Mussel Rock to Linda Mar Beach.


Compared to San Mateo, the Marin county coastline can be equally as good for salmon and halibut, but often somewhat more spotty for stripers. Salmon are generally located off the beach, while halibut may be found within any sandy spit. Rockfish can be anywhere you find rocks, and there are plenty of both north of the Gate.

At some point in almost every year salmon, stripers and halibut all temporarily become scarce about the same time. This is when rockfish can save the day. Captain Roby stops on many of his favorite spots where rockfish, lingcod and salmon pick away at live bait on our way up to Point Reyes.

Fall Stripers

There is no better time to chase stripers on San Francisco Bay than in the fall – generally good weather, fewer boats and lots of fish make this a great time to introduce kids to bay bass fishing. At times the fish are easy pickings from the main bay rockpiles to San Pablo Bay. You’ll see the amazing difference between September and July on the bay.

Both drifting and trolling are hot fall tickets on San Pablo Bay. The tape demonstrates how easy it is to find success drifting an anchovy on light tackle and trolling a jig near the Pumphouse.

General Information

"Hooked on Fishing the Golden Gate" was shot primarily aboard the Emeryville-based party boats "New Huck Finn" and "C Gull II." The original music was composed and performed by former Jerry Garcia Band member Melvin "Music Man" Seals.

The award-winning production was produced and written by Craig Hanson. Emmy-award winning photographer Rick Greenwell was behind the camera. "Hooked on Fishing the Golden Gate" Volumes One and Two run a combined 1 hour 45 minutes.

"Hooked On Fishing" Volume One
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